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Weeding-Wise knows that managing your garden weeds is time consuming and tedious. The average gardener spends more time obsessing over weeds than any other garden task. Weeds in your garden landscape compete for water, light, soil nutrients, and space. If left unattended they can easily take over an entire flower bed in one season. 

Weeding-Wise is a specialty garden service. We do weeds, and weeds ONLY*. Being a niche market allows us to focus our energy and expertise on improving your garden aesthetic. We believe that a well weeded yard enhances your personal garden experience and the value of your home.

Weeding-Wise tackles your weeds primarily by hand-pulling and removing the roots wherever possible. We subscribe to weed prevention through cultural, biological, physical or mechanical** means for integrated management. We are an eco-friendly business and therefore we do not use, nor recommend the use of toxic chemicals in your garden. We can however, suggest other possible means and methods to assist in controlling your weeds.

Weeding-Wise understands the nature of weeds and acknowledges that not all weeds are bad. Some have healing properties; others attract or repel garden pests; many are pollinator plants that attract bees, butterflies, and even hummingbirds. Your neighborhood and community benefit from these good weeds which contribute to a more beautiful and balanced eco-system. The "before and after" photographs are testimony to our client's satisfaction and  a transformation resulting in a more vibrant yard-scape.

"Being a niche market allows us to focus our energy and expertise."

* WE DO NOT GENERALLY OFFER THE FOLLOWING: Tree planting, sod installation, full service lawn care, toxic chemical application, land leveling or grading, tree trimming and removal, lawn mowing and  trimming, shrub trimming and removal.

** Pulling weeds by hand, sometimes using an instrument; seasonal yard clean-up which may include removal of debris, raking, shrub trimming, hardscape- rock, brick, concrete borders.

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