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"Conscientious weeding in early spring provides the greatest long term benefit for preventing weeds.


Spring Clean-up

We need first unearth what winter has left behind. We can help you with the cutting back of perennials and

grasses; raking of fallen leaves and dead foliage in beds and borders; and neaten up hardscape surfaces: i.e. flagstone, brick, or rock beds. Early spring is a time when conscientious weeding can have the greatest long

term benefit. Also, light loosening of the soil and sometimes mulching can be of advantage for both established gardens and new plantings of seasonal bulbs and flowers. Don't forget to amend your soil and

use organic fertilizer and compost

Fall or Late Summer Clean-up

Best practices for fall yard clean up include removing late season weeds, preferably before they have gone to seed: pruning or cutting back plant growth; sometimes removing any fallen leaves and debris that remain in your garden beds to prevent unwanted insects and diseases; and the use of mulch around plants and trees. Caring for your yard and garden in the fall will make all the difference when you go to plant in the spring again. 

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