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Integrated Weed Management employs a combination of methods to manage garden weeds:


  • PREVENTION: Prevention is the most effective, economical, and ecologically sound management technique. The spread of weeds can be prevented by cleaning equipment, vehicles, clothing, and shoes before moving to weed-free areas; using weed-free sand, soil, and gravel; and using certified weed-free seed and feed.

  • CULTURAL: Establishing healthy native or other desirable vegetation. Also, re-vegetating or re-seeding, fertilizing, and irrigation.


  • BIOLOGICAL: The use of an organism such as insects to control weeds. 

  • ​MECHANICAL: Physical or mechanical means to remove, kill, injure, or alter growing conditions of unwanted plants. Methods include mowing, hand-pulling, tilling, mulching, cutting, and clipping seed heads.

  • CHEMICAL: The use of herbicides to suppress or kill weeds by disrupting bio-chemical processes unique to plants. *

* We do not subscribe to the application of toxic chemicals to control or attempt to eradicate weeds.

Nor will we work on a property where ROUNDUP or similar chemical products have been applied.

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