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  • Weed pulling specialist

  • ​General yard clean-up
  • Weeding in rock landscape

  • Natural chemical-free solutions

  • Small-scale planting of flowers  

  • Garden and weed maintenance

  • Weeds bagged for easy disposal

  • Avoid HOA citations

  • Eco-friendly practices  

  • Colorado Certified Gardener

Weeding-Wise understands that your yard and garden is your personal sanctuary. Weeds are stealthy trespassers, upsetting the aesthetic balance in your yard and garden.

We help you to understand the nature of weeds and find reasonable solutions through integrated weed management.

"We do the dirty work...



We thank our for allowing Weeding-Wise to do the"dirty work"-- primarily hand pulling of weeds .



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Weeding-Wise has served the greater Colorado Springs area since 2018. In this short period of time we have established an impressive client base. Our goal is to provide garden care that is tailored to our clients individual needs and to highlight the, uniqueness of each property. 

Since our humble beginnings six years ago, our original 15 clients are still on our schedule, and we now serve over 40 properties. We are not a "fly and bye" business. Today we have a full and productive schedule and take pride in the relationships that we have built in the community, and in maintaining our commitment to excellence.

"Weeding-Wise has elevated

the simple task of weeding

to an art form"

"Finding reasonable solutions through integrated weed management."

Our services are available mid-April through the end of September. Take a look at some of our amazing YARD and GARDEN TRANSFORMATIONS.

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